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The Raddy
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~ is a dork
~ is 26 years old (holy crap, how did that happen?)
~ is a San Francisco Bay Area native
~ is majoring in Fashion Design at FIDM (LA Campus)
~ lives like a hermit in her batcave! (naaaw, not really)
~ loves anime & manga
~ doesn't read nearly as often as she'd like
~ cosplays
~ is a theater costumer (stitcher, dresser, etc...hopefully will start designing soon)
~ adores movies & musicals
~ loves yaoi and slash
~ is becoming increasingly obsessed with historical fashion
~ spends too much time on the intarwebs

Occasionally I feel like making icons
Like watching a trainwreck
Horses perspire, men sweat, but bishies merely glow
The cesspool of humanity
The alternative cesspool of humanity
Mockity mock mock

{this RP is finished now, but MAN did it kick ass}

Trent Reznor is love.
Created by gurlondrums

Ravenclaw is love.
2x5x2, a very potter musical, alan rickman, alexander mcqueen, anime, antique bakery, art deco, art nouveau, batman, battlestar galactica, bishounen, björk, blade runner, blood+, brian froud, bustles, california, coco chanel, corsets, cosplay, costuming, cowboy bebop, crinoline, daft punk, daria, david lynch, dennou coil, dollhouse, doujinshi, eddie izzard, eden of the east, elfen lied, ergo proxy, fabric, fanfiction, fanime, fashion, firefly, flcl, frasier, fullmetal alchemist, fumi yoshinaga, gainax, game of thrones, gankutsuou, ghost in the shell, gorillaz, gundam 00, gundam wing, harry potter, harry/draco, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, hinabn, historical fashion, honey and clover, hyperbole and a half, icons, kenshin/kaoru, kink meme, kodaka kazuma, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lost, mad men, maison ikkoku, mandy patinkin, manga, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, michel gondry, monster, moulin rouge, moyashimon, mulholland dr, mushi-shi, musicals, naono bohra, neon genesis evangelion, nine inch nails, ouran, paul poiret, philip k. dick, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, planetes, project runway, radiohead, ravenclaw, remus/severus, remus/sirius, rococo, rufus wainwright, rurouni kenshin, san francisco, severus snape, severus/harry, severus/lily, severus/sirius, sewing, sex and the city, shakespeare, sherlock, shoes, sirius black, sketching, slash, stephen fry, stephen sondheim, superjail, the big bang theory, the dark knight, the princess bride, the venture bros, theatrical costuming, tj and amal, tori amos, trent reznor, true blood, victorian era, vivienne westwood, watchmen, y: the last man, yaoi, yoko kanno