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February 10th, 2012 (02:55 pm)

current location: Glendale
current mood: geeky

No updates since August. Woooowww.

Quick recap of my life for the past five months or so:

~I have a studio apartment in Glendale and I'm quite fond of it. I'd show you a photo, but it's currently quite messy. But it's a cute apartment!

~I'm in my second to last quarter at FIDM. Well, for the Fashion Design degree, anyway...I have to apply for the Film/TV Costume degree next quarter and if I get in (*crosses fingers*) it would start in Fall.

~Last quarter was pure hell and I barely got any sleep and wanted to punch things because I had too. much. homework.

~This quarter isn't quite so bad, although I'm still not getting enough sleep. I have three classes with almost no homework and two classes with so much fucking homework that it sort of balances out.

~I still have a lot of trouble prioritizing my time well. At least I'm getting most of my stuff done on time...

~I'm cooking more often now! I guess I finally reached a point where I got tired of frozen dinners and such, plus it gives me something interesting to do other than homework. I've started a little cookbook I lovingly call the Nomnomnomicon. I'm quite excited to fill it with as many recipes as possible. :)

~I'm hanging out with Ivy and Brendan a lot more than I used to! :) It's good to have friends in LA, since I was worried about being isolated down here. We've been cooking together a lot. We have a little system where someone will have the dinner recipe/ingredients and someone will do dessert, and we'll cook everything up and watch a movie together. It's quite nice. :)

~So far I'd say the only real friend I've made at FIDM would be Dani, who is wonderful and ridiculous. He's the only other geek I've meet at school (where are all the geeks??) and although we run in very different nerd circles (I'm an anime/slash/fanfic kind of girl and he's into superhero comics and toy collecting) we get along swimmingly. We pretty much bonded over our mutual love of Doctor Who. :) His boyfriend Nathan is fun to hang out with, too (he's a Brony...lol). Did I mention Dani has a pink mohawk and his design esthetic is based on She-Ra: Princess of Power? Yeah, he's kind of awesome.

~I started watching BBC Sherlock about a month ago and I'm alarmingly obsessed with it. I didn't realize how much I missed being in an active fandom until I discovered this show. There is fanfiction. There is SO MUCH FANFICTION. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts...

~I'm barely on LJ anymore, I'm afraid. I guess I feel like a lot of the reasons I came here in the first place (namely fandom-related things) have gone to other corners of the internet, so I've sort of drifted away, too. I check my flist maaaaybe once a week. I guess my era of LJ is pretty much over, although I will probably update here on occasion.

~I've pretty much migrated to Tumblr. When I first signed up I thought it was a little confusing and didn't really understand the point of it...and then I became OBSESSED. It's actually kind of a problem, in an "I have to do homework and I really need to get of Tumblr now" kind of way. Like, I have to set timers for myself as a reminder to get off the website. *sigh* Some things never change...


Posted by: Linnea (ladypenguin)
Posted at: February 11th, 2012 01:58 am (UTC)

Where in Glendale are you located? I'm right off the 5 over by Glendale Ave :)
Let me know if you ever have any spare time and would want to hang out or somethin!
Also, Sherlock is indeed awesome and I can't wait till it comes back in a month! I've been going through serious withdrawl, though Doctor Who has been keeping me entertained in the meantime!

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