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I wrote this up a few days ago and forgot to post it

March 2nd, 2011 (04:16 pm)

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No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I’m so lazy with LJ these days! And I never talked about my Los Angeles trip that happened...oh, a month ago. Pfft.

Much to my relief, I didn’t get any weird “OMG THIS ISN’T HOME” vibes while I was there. It’s still the California coast, so there’s a certain degree of familiarity to the surroundings. So that was comforting. And it was so sunny and warm! In the middle of January! When I move there I'm going to be a) very happy about the nice weather, and b) very sad about the amount of money I'll be spending on sunscreen. LOL

Downtown is so clean! I was really surprised by that. I know it used to be really bad and that they did a major overhaul, but I didn’t expect it to be cleaner than San Francisco! I still wouldn’t walk around alone at night or anything, but I’m so glad it’s not sketchy during the day.

The LA FIDM campus is so awesome. They have a nice little park in front, and lots of workspace for students to stay and do their design homework (very important for someone like me who gets easily distracted at home.) Their library is fashion nerd heaven. I want to live in their beautifully-designed computer room. I was seriously impressed. The SF campus seems really pathetic and claustrophobic in comparison.

The next day we had the apartment tours. The first was Park La Brea, located in midtown (about 6 miles from campus). Gorgeous apartments, but just too far away from campus to be worthwhile. Then there was the Metropolitan, which is right across the street from FIDM. Definitely the least impressive of the three apartment complexes we looked at…funny thing is, the apartments were fine. Decent space, good kitchen. Great for a college student. But compared to the other two fancy complexes it seemed so…lackluster.

Then there was the Medici. Oh my god, the Medici. They shouldn’t even call it an apartment complex…it’s practically a Vegas hotel. A Renaissance-era Tuscan villa themed Vegas Hotel, at that! I was actually so floored by it all that I forgot to take pictures. So you’ll just have to look at the website: http://www.themedici.com/ (I could live here you guys, holy crap)

I put in an application for the Metropolitan and the Medici, and I’ll be happy with either one. I’m still impatiently waiting to hear where I’m going to be living...I'm getting the impression they wait until the last minute to tell you. *snort* The Met very convenient because it's across the street from school, and the Medici is only six blocks away. As great as it would be to live right near the school, I’m still holding out hope for the Medici. *crosses fingers* I’ll only be doing campus housing for one or two quarters, because it’s too expensive for the whole 2-3 years I’ll be there. I’ll be on the hunt for roomies in cheap places, LOL.

On the third day we had a little bit of time to go to Santa Monica and look for my mom’s old apartment she lived in when she was in her twenties. We also got to see the Santa Monica Pier, which was very cute. I’m looking forward to a little bit of SoCal beach time in the near future. :)

For the past week or so I’ve started the slow and aggravating process of packing up my life (and cleaning my room in the process). I have so much crap, you guys. I already donated two huge boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and I will probably need to make another trip. I’m trying to figure out which clothes to bring…I will have very limited closet space compared to what I have now, and the weather is going to be very different from the Bay Area. There’s the problem of books, too, particularly the fashion/costume/sewing books…which ones will I actually need? Some of those things are heavy and I’m not going to enjoy hauling them. I also have an interesting “how do I hide all my yaoi manga and doujinshi” problem – namely, how do I get this stuff into storage without my parents finding it and mocking my hobbies for all eternity? (Yes, I actually have enough of it that this is a legitimate problem.) It’s going to be interesting, guys. *falls over*