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February 10th, 2012 (02:55 pm)

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No updates since August. Woooowww.

Quick recap of my life for the past five months or so:

~I have a studio apartment in Glendale and I'm quite fond of it. I'd show you a photo, but it's currently quite messy. But it's a cute apartment!

~I'm in my second to last quarter at FIDM. Well, for the Fashion Design degree, anyway...I have to apply for the Film/TV Costume degree next quarter and if I get in (*crosses fingers*) it would start in Fall.

~Last quarter was pure hell and I barely got any sleep and wanted to punch things because I had too. much. homework.

~This quarter isn't quite so bad, although I'm still not getting enough sleep. I have three classes with almost no homework and two classes with so much fucking homework that it sort of balances out.

~I still have a lot of trouble prioritizing my time well. At least I'm getting most of my stuff done on time...

~I'm cooking more often now! I guess I finally reached a point where I got tired of frozen dinners and such, plus it gives me something interesting to do other than homework. I've started a little cookbook I lovingly call the Nomnomnomicon. I'm quite excited to fill it with as many recipes as possible. :)

~I'm hanging out with Ivy and Brendan a lot more than I used to! :) It's good to have friends in LA, since I was worried about being isolated down here. We've been cooking together a lot. We have a little system where someone will have the dinner recipe/ingredients and someone will do dessert, and we'll cook everything up and watch a movie together. It's quite nice. :)

~So far I'd say the only real friend I've made at FIDM would be Dani, who is wonderful and ridiculous. He's the only other geek I've meet at school (where are all the geeks??) and although we run in very different nerd circles (I'm an anime/slash/fanfic kind of girl and he's into superhero comics and toy collecting) we get along swimmingly. We pretty much bonded over our mutual love of Doctor Who. :) His boyfriend Nathan is fun to hang out with, too (he's a Brony...lol). Did I mention Dani has a pink mohawk and his design esthetic is based on She-Ra: Princess of Power? Yeah, he's kind of awesome.

~I started watching BBC Sherlock about a month ago and I'm alarmingly obsessed with it. I didn't realize how much I missed being in an active fandom until I discovered this show. There is fanfiction. There is SO MUCH FANFICTION. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts...

~I'm barely on LJ anymore, I'm afraid. I guess I feel like a lot of the reasons I came here in the first place (namely fandom-related things) have gone to other corners of the internet, so I've sort of drifted away, too. I check my flist maaaaybe once a week. I guess my era of LJ is pretty much over, although I will probably update here on occasion.

~I've pretty much migrated to Tumblr. When I first signed up I thought it was a little confusing and didn't really understand the point of it...and then I became OBSESSED. It's actually kind of a problem, in an "I have to do homework and I really need to get of Tumblr now" kind of way. Like, I have to set timers for myself as a reminder to get off the website. *sigh* Some things never change...

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I was in Japantown with my darling friend freakbythebay the other day, and I kept pointing out anime & manga series to her and saying "YOU NEED TO WATCH/READ THIS." After a while I'd named too many things, so she asked me to make a list. So here's my list for recommended anime viewing and manga reading. Enjoy, Jax!Collapse )

I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two of the series I mentioned, but I think this list should keep you busy for a while, Jax. :3

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June 24th, 2011 (12:02 pm)

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Hello, poor abandoned LJ. It's been a while.

Well, I finished my first quarter at FIDM. It went by so fast! I was initially worried about the quarter system, since the classes are so condensed, but I think it works in my favor. By week 10 in a semester I'm usually experiencing burnout, but in the quarter system that's finals week. It's nice to have 3-week breaks every three months, too. I got all A's and B's this quarter and I'm on the Honor Roll, which is the first time that's happened to me EVER, so that's good. :)

I'm trying to think of all the things that have happened since I last posted here, but my brain is overwhelmed. I'll just do the ol' bulleted list thingy:

~ I'm home in the Bay Area until the 1st...good to be back in Foster City. ♥

~ I like living in the LA, just not downtown specifically. The driving/parking situation is frustrating. But I love the area. So many places I haven't explored yet! @_@

~ I found two awesome theaters that play old movies: the Aero in Santa Monica and the Egyptian in Hollywood. They play the old good stuff from the Golden Age of Hollywood, as well as new classics like Jurassic Park and Beetlejuice. The Egyptian is the nicer theater, but I prefer the Aero because it's not in the middle of Tourist Trap Central, AKA Hollywood Boulevard. *facepalm*

~ The roommate situation is good so far. Alex and I renewed for another quarter at the Medici, but Hemlata graduated so she's not living with us next quarter, and we'll be getting a new girl. Hopefully everything works out there. *crosses fingers*

~ There is a slight possibility I might move in with Ivy after this next quarter is finished...? It depends on if her roommate is really leaving for Spain or not. And other financial factors. But the rent seems good and it's not that far from school. We'll see.

~ After spending more time in Santa Monica I've decided it's ADORABLE and not the huge tourist trap I expected it to be. Excellent shopping and lovely coastside park. :3

~ Little Tokyo is cute...it's no Japantown SF, but I keep reminding myself that it basically has all the same stuff Japantown has and I'm just being particular because it's not the Japantown of my beloved high school days. It's got a Kinokuniya bookstore, kitchy shops and restaurants...that's pretty much all you need in a Japantown, really.

~ There are a million other things I'm forgetting. *sigh*

Right now I'm trying to juggle visits with my friends...most people are available to hang out on the weekend, but I only have one weekend here and I can't fit everybody, so I'm trying to maneuver people around to weeknights and such. Yeesh.

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holy crap it's catchy

May 9th, 2011 (07:55 pm)

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May 5th, 2011 (09:49 am)

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Wait until the night before to write my weekly essay for English Comp.

Read homework assignment. Stare at blank Word document for 30 minutes, unable to start writing.

Fuck around on the internet.

Stare at Word document again.

Finally start writing.

Drag out writing process for over 3 hours because I'm having trouble focusing.

Finish essay.

Look at syllabus and realize I just wrote next week's essay.


Decide it's too late to keep working; I'll have to get up early to write my essay before class.

Wake up early.

Easily finish essay in 30 minutes.



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this update is a thinly-veiled excuse to use my new icon

April 19th, 2011 (10:11 pm)
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current song: Shostakovich - Jazz Suite No.2 - VI. Waltz 2

I'm putting my current location as "the Medici," but I think maybe I should call it the Homework Cave, because that's pretty much all I do here. Not that I expected anything else, mind you. They told me straight up that I wouldn't have a life, so there it is.

Busy as I am, school is good so far. I like my classes and my instructors, although a couple of them are freaking me out for different reasons.

Business of Fashion - cool class, but also the one giving me the most homework. It's kind of like having a midterm project every week, to be honest. But I'm actually interested in what we're learning, so it's keeping me chugging along. We each have to pick a design brand and stick with it for the whole quarter, writing up various reports on target demographics, product reviews, etc. I chose Vivienne Westwood, and I'm not even gonna front: I picked her so I would have an excuse to go to her new store on Melrose Ave. (which I'm doing Friday, whee!) My only real problem with this class is the instructor...she's a great lecturer, but the lady does not have her shit together. She never gives us the appropriate handouts when we actually need them, and some of them have some important "you need to know this for your homework" stuff on them. If she keeps it up I might have to go to Student Resources about it. :/

Effective Speaking - surprisingly stressful, which I didn't expect. I like our instructor, but she likes to make us give impromptu speeches. I'm a great public speaker when I have time to prepare an outline and such, but walking up to the front of the class and picking a topic out of the "box of destiny" and having to come up with a speech about it on the spot? Blegh. The only thing keeping me from hating the class is knowing that everyone else is in the same boat, and she gives really easy grades. Just gonna have to suffer through it!

Fashion Sketching II - I passed out of the first level by taking a course at Cañada, but I feel a little uneasy about it. The instructor is really friendly and a fantastic artist, and she's great at teaching, but she's a harsh grader. She told us up front on the first day, "I'm pretty sure I flunk more students than any other teacher on campus." I'm a decent illustrator, but since I didn't take my first class at FIDM, I'm worried that she's going to nitpick my artwork because I didn't learn it "her way." :/ I guess we'll see when I get my first assignment back...

English Composition - At first I was pretty *grumblegrumble* about having to take English, because I had a couple of shitty experiences when I tried to take college English classes in the past (mind-numbing explanations of grammar that I learned in the 6th grade? OH HELL NO), but our instructor actually expects us to write well. I'm pretty relieved, actually. If I had to choose between a class that's too easy for me and a class that challenges me, I'd definitely prefer the latter. The main project is a big research paper about a political/sociological topic - I picked "MDMA should be legalized." Should be interesting.

Color & Design Theory - My messiest homework, and pretty time consuming...we work with gouache paints, and I'll be damned, getting that fucking magenta paint to look opaque and non-streaky is hard. (Uuuuggghh, I am NOT a wet media person.) So far we're just working on color wheel stuff, but I know I'll eventually pick a piece of art in a local museum and write up a report about the usage of color, so yay museum trip! :D

That's all for now. Gotta get back to homework.

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I got into the Medici!!

March 5th, 2011 (11:26 am)

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I won't be living there for very long, so I'm going to cherish every moment

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I wrote this up a few days ago and forgot to post it

March 2nd, 2011 (04:16 pm)

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No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I’m so lazy with LJ these days! And I never talked about my Los Angeles trip that happened...oh, a month ago. Pfft.

Much to my relief, I didn’t get any weird “OMG THIS ISN’T HOME” vibes while I was there. It’s still the California coast, so there’s a certain degree of familiarity to the surroundings. So that was comforting. And it was so sunny and warm! In the middle of January! When I move there I'm going to be a) very happy about the nice weather, and b) very sad about the amount of money I'll be spending on sunscreen. LOL

Downtown is so clean! I was really surprised by that. I know it used to be really bad and that they did a major overhaul, but I didn’t expect it to be cleaner than San Francisco! I still wouldn’t walk around alone at night or anything, but I’m so glad it’s not sketchy during the day.

The LA FIDM campus is so awesome. They have a nice little park in front, and lots of workspace for students to stay and do their design homework (very important for someone like me who gets easily distracted at home.) Their library is fashion nerd heaven. I want to live in their beautifully-designed computer room. I was seriously impressed. The SF campus seems really pathetic and claustrophobic in comparison.

The next day we had the apartment tours. The first was Park La Brea, located in midtown (about 6 miles from campus). Gorgeous apartments, but just too far away from campus to be worthwhile. Then there was the Metropolitan, which is right across the street from FIDM. Definitely the least impressive of the three apartment complexes we looked at…funny thing is, the apartments were fine. Decent space, good kitchen. Great for a college student. But compared to the other two fancy complexes it seemed so…lackluster.

Then there was the Medici. Oh my god, the Medici. They shouldn’t even call it an apartment complex…it’s practically a Vegas hotel. A Renaissance-era Tuscan villa themed Vegas Hotel, at that! I was actually so floored by it all that I forgot to take pictures. So you’ll just have to look at the website: http://www.themedici.com/ (I could live here you guys, holy crap)

I put in an application for the Metropolitan and the Medici, and I’ll be happy with either one. I’m still impatiently waiting to hear where I’m going to be living...I'm getting the impression they wait until the last minute to tell you. *snort* The Met very convenient because it's across the street from school, and the Medici is only six blocks away. As great as it would be to live right near the school, I’m still holding out hope for the Medici. *crosses fingers* I’ll only be doing campus housing for one or two quarters, because it’s too expensive for the whole 2-3 years I’ll be there. I’ll be on the hunt for roomies in cheap places, LOL.

On the third day we had a little bit of time to go to Santa Monica and look for my mom’s old apartment she lived in when she was in her twenties. We also got to see the Santa Monica Pier, which was very cute. I’m looking forward to a little bit of SoCal beach time in the near future. :)

For the past week or so I’ve started the slow and aggravating process of packing up my life (and cleaning my room in the process). I have so much crap, you guys. I already donated two huge boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and I will probably need to make another trip. I’m trying to figure out which clothes to bring…I will have very limited closet space compared to what I have now, and the weather is going to be very different from the Bay Area. There’s the problem of books, too, particularly the fashion/costume/sewing books…which ones will I actually need? Some of those things are heavy and I’m not going to enjoy hauling them. I also have an interesting “how do I hide all my yaoi manga and doujinshi” problem – namely, how do I get this stuff into storage without my parents finding it and mocking my hobbies for all eternity? (Yes, I actually have enough of it that this is a legitimate problem.) It’s going to be interesting, guys. *falls over*

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quick update

January 19th, 2011 (09:49 pm)

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I got into FIDM! :D I'll be starting in Spring quarter (April) so I'm moving to LA at the end of March.

The admissions interview was interesting. My advisor always stresses me out, but the director really liked me...we had a long conversation about cosplay, of all things. She was absolutely fascinated by it, which I found hilarious. She really loved my admissions project, which was a relief...everyone I've shown it to has given me a rather polite "oh, that's nice" sort of response, so I was worried about it. But she liked that I reinterpreted historical fashions into something modern and appreciated that I paid attention to what's on trend right now (turbans, military wear). I guess reading all those fashion magazines when I'm bored at work has really paid off! Anyway, it was really nice to get feedback from someone who's worked in the industry.

Tomorrow through Saturday night I'll be in LA checking out the FIDM campus and looking at their apartment options. My mom is really stressing about my housing situation...the cheapest option is to room with three other girls in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment (yes, shared bedrooms....uuughh) but Mom is having horrible flashbacks to her college days when she had three roommates and it was pure hell, so she's trying to convince me to upgrade to a private bedroom. I feel guilty taking her up on that offer because it's so much more expensive than the other option, and my parents are paying money out the ass for tuition as it is, but she's seriously worried about it. :( I don't know, we'll see...

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January 4th, 2011 (09:52 pm)

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I have an appointment with the admissions director of FIDM next Wednesday...that's when I find out whether I get in the school or not. Eeep! :O (I'm pretty sure I'm going to get in, but there's always a chance I won't...)

Speaking of FIDM...I posted this on Facebook and totally forgot to post it here! My design project for admissions...Collapse )

While we're on the subject of historical fashion references...now I know why the site is called Tumblr: because I have been endlessly tumbling down a rabbit hole of fashion history blogs for the past month. I made a folder on my computer to save photos and fashion plates by time period...my collection is growing fast! I've also been working my way through the Art Renewal Center archives looking for fashion references in artwork. I've fallen in love with Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward for their paintings of Classical Antiquity (the ancient Romans and Greeks didn't really dress like that, but it's so pretty omg!) Also, James Tissot paints incredible late Victorian women and Giovanni Baldini paints incredible Edwardian women. Can you tell I love this site?? LOL

Also, total geek moment, but I found this on the Wikipedia entry for fashion in the Regency era (about 1795-1820...think Pride & Prejudice) and it gave me a good chuckle:

During the first half of the Victorian era, there was a more or less negative view of women's styles of the 1795–1820 period. Some people would have felt slightly uncomfortable to be reminded that their mothers or grandmothers had once promenaded about in such styles (which could be considered indecent according to Victorian norms), and many would have found it somewhat difficult to really empathize with (or take seriously) the struggles of a heroine of art or literature if they were being constantly reminded that she was wearing such clothes. For such reasons, some Victorian history paintings of the Napoleonic wars intentionally avoided depicting accurate women's styles, Thackeray's illustrations to his book Vanity Fair depicted the women of the 1810s wearing 1840s fashions, and in Charlotte Brontë's 1849 novel Shirley (set in 1811–1812) neo-Grecian fashions are anachronistically relocated to an earlier generation.

Of course those silly Victorians came to their senses and started to look back on the Regency era quite fondly by the time the 1880s rolled around. And nowadays everybody who's read a Jane Austen novel thinks the fashion is just so quaint and innocent and lovely. But when you think about it, those white cotton dresses were very racy for the time: limited corsetry, free waist movement, visible hips (saucy!)...plus if light shined through your gown people could see ever last detail of you figure from the waist down, and the wind made the dresses quite *ahem* clingy around the derriere. Let's not even talk about what would happen if you got caught in the rain. Oh dear.

I need to start watching period films again so I can get my costume nerd on. I was really on a roll there during the summer but somehow got distracted by Netflix Instant TV shows (curse you, Law & Order SVU and X-Files!)

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